About Us

A "Revolver" is someone who evolves to re-discover and love their authentic self.

Revolver Fashion hand crafts designer clothing for the self expressed. Fun, fluffy, sparkly & often ridiculous. We specialize in meggings, men’s pants and fur jackets, but we’ve still got plenty for the ladies. We are on the bright, glittery, candy pop side of festival gear and are always coming out with new unique products. Designed for people who continually evolve by rediscovering and expressing their authentic selves, "Re-Evolving".

As Revolvers we stand for; Love, Authenticity, Honesty, Community, Responsibility, Joy, Respect, Integrity, and Self Expression!

Founders Cookie (veteran seamstress) and Jesse (designer and filmmaker) have created their own over-the-top outfits for music festivals for years. Requests for clothing from their community was so overwhelming and their desire to serve their community so motivating they formed a clothing company. By and for Community, Revolver Fashion operates out of Los Angeles California.

Size Guide

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