Part of a group, troupe, or dance team? We wholesale! We can do large orders of items at greatly reduced prices. Message us for quotes and info!

Caring for Lycra is simple! Just hand or machine wash cold delicate. We suggest air dry, but you CAN tumble dry on low heat.

Hologram or shimmer lycra is a bit more delicate and can wear off over time.
To get the longest life out of your hologram/foil printed leggings, wash sparingly inside-out by hand (machine wash only if necessary on cold gentle) and hang dry. If you treat them nicely, the shimmer can last years.

All our fur is completely machine washable!! Yaaaaay!
We suggest washing inside out on the gentle COLD cycle.
DO NOT MACHINE DRY!!! Heat + Fur = Poodle Fur = Bad
Air dry all your fur items! I suggest running your fingers through longer shag fur a little as it dries so it doesn't get all kinked up. DO NOT IRON FUR!

Products & Orders

What size should I order?

Please checkout our size guide HERE (please link to SIZE GUIDE page you create)

Do you offer kids sizes or products?
We’re working on it now! Keep an eye out in the coming months!

Do you offer different “pouch” sizes on your men’s booty shorts?
We do not offer different pouch sizes at this time. If you are having trouble with your fit (congratulations!), we suggest first making sure you’ve properly tucked your “goods” into the inner pouch (a pull down, scoop back, and pull up usually does the trick). If that doesn’t work, you can try a size up.

Can I swim in my shorts/leggings/etc?
In general, yes! We use swim quality 4-way stretch performance fabrics for our products.  
- Our men’s booty shorts have a double lined front piece so they’re good for swimming.
- Our women’s shorts are unlined and do not have a elastic to hold them tight, so while yes you can swim in them, they will stretch as they get wet and may become slightly less secure.
- Our lycra leggings similarly will stretch as they get wet, but are suitable for swimming. We personally use them to scuba dive and snorkel frequently!
- We recommend using regular printed lycra products rather than holographic since over time salt water and chlorine are harsh on and can actually harm the holographic/sparkle/metallic finish on holographic fabrics over time.

Are the men's and women's leggings cut or sized the same?
The patterns are different for men and women - Our men’s pants are tailored specifically to leave extra room in the crotch, and our mens leggings are shaped specifically for muscular thighs, a tight knee, and a larger calf. Our women's leggings have a wide, elastic free waistband which we find most women prefer and a tailored fit more shaped to a woman’s curves.

Do you accept returns?
Please checkout our full return & exchange policy and instructions HERE (link to RETURNS page. To be created or edited. Link only in the bottom of the website, not on top search bar)

How quickly will I receive my order?
We fulfill orders as quickly as possible after received. For shipping times, please see our shipping guide HERE (link to shipping info page)

Is Express or one day shipping available?
Yes, we do offer express shipping upgrades on some items, but we still need 1-3 days average processing/handling time depending on the time of year for most items. Alternatively, we have a majority of our products available on Amazon Prime which frequently has next day or 1 day shipping available and no delay for handling time.

Can I pick up directly from your warehouse in Los Angeles?
Funstigation brings us all over the place, so we may or may not be in our warehouse location at any given time. We will rarely make exceptions and allow in person pickup in extenuating circumstances or for very last minute orders. Please contact us directly at  info@funstigators.com  to coordinate.

How do I wash & care for my garments? Can I machine wash?
Please see our full care guide HERE (link to Size & Care guide. Also include this in the answer:)
Printed Spandex (non-holographic)/Velvets (includes burnouts)/Mesh: Easy! Machine wash it in cold/cool water on a gentle cycle with other synthetics (that means polyesters, nylon, athletics, etc). Avoid washing with other rough items which could snag or tear (that means velcro, zippers, spikes, etc).  You can machine dry lycra on low, but do not use heat on velvets! They should dry in 15-30 minutes. You can alternatively air dry your lycra & velvets if you prefer. Do NOT iron, use bleach, or fabric softeners!
ALL Holographic fabrics:  Metallic, wet look, and holographic finishes will last longer if you HAND wash them in cold or cool water as infrequently as possible using a gentle detergent and let them air dry.  The less abrasion, the better. Avoid stain removers or harsh detergents, chlorine & salt water, and oily products like sunscreen or bug spray, as these can erase or damage the holographic transfer.  NEVER dry clean, iron, or use bleach or fabric softeners! The nicer care you take of your holographic fabrics, the longer they will last!
Faux Fur:  Wash and dry on COLD gentle cycles.  DO NOT use HEAT on your faux fur. Heat = poodle = no Bueno! Do NOT iron, use bleach, or fabric softeners.

How well can I expect the holographic effect on my item to last?
We use the highest quality fabrics on the market even though this often means higher cost for us, but ultimately far superior products for you. For example, we import our holographic fabrics from a top factory in Korea instead of buying much cheaper nearly identical looking fabrics from China because the Korean fabric lasts through significantly more washes/wear.  
That being said, holographic/shiny fabric does lose it's shine over time. Avoid contact with oily products like sunscreen, lotion, or even sweat which can damage the holographic finish instantly. We recommend hand washing them in cold water as infrequently as possible using a gentle cleanser and lay or hang to dry.

Can I order a custom design, custom tailoring, or custom inseam? Can I hem them myself?
Unfortunately we do not offer customer products or inseams at this time. If you need hemming, usually a local tailor can handle the alterations. If you’re in a pinch and have to hem on the fly, you can CUT the bottoms of your pants to length with very sharp scissors, but the spandex will begin begin to roll up over time and the seams will start to come undone so we don’t recommend this. If you have to cut them, cut a little longer than you would ultimately like and have them professionally tailored as soon as possible.

My stitch popped! My hem came undone! Can you help?
We are proud to offer our Worry-Free-Stitch-Guarantee:
If your ever need stitching repairs, send your product back to us and we will repair them for you NO CHARGE for the lifetime of your product! While we use the best sewing techniques we can, stuff happens when you play full out! We want you to buy new products when you want something different, not because you popped a seam. If you experience a popped seam, undone hem, or other sewing repairs, we will fix it for you as long as the garment is in good enough condition for us to do so. If we can help fight fast fashion by giving you a little extra life in your products, then we will. No joke. (This applies for sewing repairs only. We do not offer shortening/hemming, tailoring, or fabric repairs.)

General Questions

Where are those shoes from the model is wearing?
We love them too! The bran is J75 Shoes and we suggest you checkout their full product offering on their website:  https://www.j75shoes.com/  
@J75Shoes on Instagram  https://www.instagram.com/ j75shoes/

How do I share my photos in Funstigators (or Revolver Fashion) products?
We LOVE seeing photos and videos from you! If you have an Instagram, tag us @Funstigators and use #Funstigators and we will see and usually share your posts on the Funstigators pages. Don’t have an Instagram? You can message us directly on Facebook or email photos to  info@funstigators.com and we will share the photos for you!
Interested in becoming a Featured Funstigator (brand ambassador)? Checkout the application HERE (Link to featured funstigator application page)

Do you have a retail store or warehouse?
Our warehouse is located in the South Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, but it is closed to the public. We do not have a storefront at this time.
Do you wholesale?
We sure do! Please email us at  support@funstigators.com
Is there a phone number I can call to speak with a person?
Please email us at  info@revolverfashion.com with any questions you have or contact us directly through Etsy and we will respond as quickly as possible. We do not have a phone service or someone on staff to man phone lines.

Do you have brand ambassadors/promoters/ influencers?
We love working with like minded people! You can see some of our featured Funstigators (our brand ambassadors) here: (LINK to FEATURED FUNSTIGATORS Page which you create) and submit for consideration at the bottom of that page.

For cross promotional inquires, please email us at  support@funstigators.com with “Cross Promotion” in the subject line.
Do you have discount codes?
Yes, subscribe to our mailing list via the pop up on our homepage for a discount code.

Size Guide

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revolver fashion, size chart, womens, legging, megging, los angeles, california, made in usa, music festival, burning man, costume.